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Only Certified Used Cooking Oil Collection Company in Qatar Having Both ISO and ISCC.

Thousands of restaurants and businesses across the Qatar choose us to collect their used cooking oil. We collect from restaurants, universities, stadiums, food processors and makers and even home chefs. The oil we collect is refined into environmentally friendly biodiesel. Our clean-burning fuel boasts a much lower carbon footprint than that of petroleum diesel, and it’s both nontoxic and biodegradable. Make your operations even more environmentally friendly – at no cost to you – by recycling your used cooking oil with We’ll provide you with a cooking oil collection container and work with you to decide on a collection schedule that best meets your needs. Your only job is to fill the container with cooking oil. We’ll take care of the rest. We provide you with free, ongoing recycling of your waste vegetable oil. Or, you can call us when you need us.

Let Us Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil!
Quality cooking oils, food waste collection and renewable energy

Free Storage

We keep your pickup area impeccably clean. We offer pickup collection plans to meet your needs.


You can trust our local used cooking oil collection teams to offer a reliable and effucuent service that ensures your restaurant or food business is fully compliant with environmental legislation.


Every drop of used cooking oil we collect is recycled into renewable energy.

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Call us today for information/collection/guidance/training and safety related classes +974-3323 8800.